The Lifestyle Collective is a trusted circle, a safe place to find answers, have conversations and know that you’re in good company while becoming a better version of yourself. 

Janette Shearer is a multi-talented individual, holding the roles of a Runner, Wife, Mom, Friend, Author, and NCCP Trained Endurance Club Coach. Despite being kicked out of her first running group by some local moms in 2016 for being too slow, Janette persevered and eventually progressed from being too slow to running marathons.

Janette began her blogging journey in 2014 when she was pregnant with her youngest daughter Zoe. As her children have grown and no longer fit the “Mommy blog” theme, Janette created The Lifestyle Collective to assist others in establishing connections and expanding their community. Janette encourages individuals to live their happiest life on their own terms while striving to become the best version of themselves.

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