This is your safe place to land, to find yourself again and know that you’re among trusted people doing great things.. Welcome to The Lifestyle Collective.

Why a Lifestyle Collective and who is involved?

Aren’t you tired of scrolling through the internet looking for answers to some of your questions and feeling like you can’t find a safe space to be yourself or an accurate answer to your question? Look no further!

As a blogger for almost 9 years, I’ve seen many bloggers come and go, but the friendships I’ve made have changed my world. And now, with more people listening than ever before, I’ve created a space where you can have hard conversations, express your opinions, and know that judgement is minimal and love is plentiful. In a world of uncertainty, let’s come together and create a safe community where we can grow and thrive with like-minded individuals. Join me in this journey and let’s build a community within a community.

The Lifestyle Collective features a group of individuals that are doing amazing things and are building their own communities one brick at a time. They’re people I turn to when in need, they are people who lift us up and inspire us every day. The Lifestyle Collective is you, me and every inspiring person in between. 

What is a Collective?

A collective a group of people who share a common interest, goal, or theme. Unlike a traditional blog, where a single author produces all the content, a collective blog features contributions from multiple authors. Each author brings their unique perspective, expertise and style, creating a diverse and dynamic collection of content.

One of the main benefits of this collective is the variety of content that is offered. With multiple authors contributing, readers can expect a range of perspectives, opinions, and ideas on a given topic. Another advantage of a collective blog is the sense of community it can foster. By bringing together a group of like-minded individuals, collective blogs can create a space for discussion, debate and even collaboration. Readers can interact with multiple contributors, share their own thoughts and ideas and even become a contributor themselves.

The Lifestyle Collective is a collective of individuals coming together to create a variety of trusted and valuable content in one place for people who simply want to live a better life. It's the safe place to find the resources and answers from everyday people who are passionate and knowledgeable in life and within their chosen area of focus. We may not all agree on the same thing but mutual respect for growth make these conversations possible

Who is the The Lifestyle Collective?

The Lifestyle Collective was founded by me, Janette Shearer. Born out of a need to connect on a deeper level with those in my community and connect my community with those in my life looking to grow and become a more self-aware and compassionate human being. I began blogging in 2014 and rebranded in 2016 to Ava To Zoe as a way to document life as a new mom of two and share my experiences with others. Over the years, my blog has become a source of inspiration for many women across Canada.

One of the things that set Ava To Zoe apart from other lifestyle blogs was its focus on authenticity and transparency. I’ve never shied away from sharing the ups and downs of motherhood, and often tackle tough topics like mental health and body positivity.  I believe in creating a community where individuals can feel supported and empowered, and The Lifestyle Collective definitely reflects that mission.

Despite having many different accomplishments over the years, I’ve always remained humble and focused on my mission of inspiring and empowering others. In conclusion, I believe that my commitment to authenticity, transparency, and community has earned me a devoted following and my passion for empowering others shall serve as an inspiration to all to live their best life and become the best version of themselves.

Janette Shearer