Planning a romantic trip to Harrison Hot Springs during the slower season initially had me a bit worried. Dining in Harrison Hot Springs was another worry on it’s own. Would restaurants be closed for the season? Would we still find the delicious adventure we crave?

Last week I shared about our romantic rendezvous to Harrison Hot Springs, and let’s be real for a minute, people have to eat. They say that food is the way to a man’s heart, well it works for women as well. Harrison Hot Springs will take you on a delicious adventure, as I believe they truly know the way to a couple’s heart.

Lined with amazing restaurants, the village of Harrison truly has something for everyone and many within walking distance. From German food, Pho and even Indian Food, dining in Harrison Hot Springs is a Foodie’s delight! Or maybe you want to explore the lake, trust me good food is never far away!

dining in Harrison Hot Springs

Dining in Harrison Hot Springs: Where to eat?

One of the best parts of Harrison Hot Springs is how close you are to adventure and beautiful scenery. One short car ride to the other side of the lake and you find yourself consumed by majestic forests, breathtaking waterfalls or quaint businesses just off the beaten path like Rowena’s Inn On The River.

Rowena’s Inn on the River is the colonial 1920s themed inn, infused with a European flair. This property is absolutely captivating and no wonder, a very popular destination for weddings and special events.  Additionally, on the same property is the Sandpiper Golf Course. Looking to treat your hubby to some tee time? Sandpiper Golf Course is one of BC’s most scenic 18-hole golf courses. 

I strongly believe that one key to a successful marriage is connecting over good food. The Clubhouse Restaurant located on the same property will help you do just that. The smile on my husband’s face after dinner speaks volumes to how good the food was at the Clubhouse Restaurant.

dining in Harrison Hot Springs dining in Harrison Hot Springs

Now if sticking closer to bed is your idea of a good time, there are many delicious restaurant options in the Village of Harrison Hot Springs. Grab your coffee and delicious cafe goodies at Muddy Waters Cafe that is located on the waterfront and family-run.

We stopped in for breakfast the one morning before we went on our lake cruise and their locally-roasted coffee is to die for. The menu is simple but the dishes check all the boxes, something simple, delicious, nutritious to restore the energy *wink* and easy to take on the go. Dining in Harrison Hot Springs is easy if you know where to go and Muddy Waters Cafe was the perfect way to start our day.

dining in Harrison Hot Springs dining in Harrison Hot Springs

Now, if you really want to spice things up when dining in Harrison Hot Springs may I suggest some Indian Food?  The family-owned Royal King Indian Restaurant is the perfect way to experience exotic flavors. This restaurant has some of the best Indian food I have ever eaten. The heat of my butter chicken and the sizzle of my husband’s Tandoori chicken Sizzkler made for intoxicating fragrances that danced across the table sets the mood.

The warm comforting family setting of this amazing Indian Restaurant will welcome you in and make you fall in love. This family restaurant has created this perfect tantalizing space in Harrison Hot Springs that will leave you craving more.

dining in Harrison Hot Springs dining in Harrison Hot Springs

Now the final stop on our culinary adventure is Kilby Historical site. I will be chatting about this

more in the next post but one thing I could not get over was how absolutely amazing their comfort food is.

Kilby Historical site has the most adorable little gift shop with a restaurant attached known as the Kilby Cafe. Featuring the most delicious comfort food, the things Grandma loved to make, from fresh-made sandwiches to the most perfect slice of apple pie and everything else that reminds you of the simple things in life.

The restaurant at Kilby Historical Site could not have been conceptualized any better. The decor, the staff, and gift shop as you walk in right down to the food are pure perfection. I got that small-town vibe my inner prairie girl longs for with the delicious nutritious food my body craves.

dining in Harrison Hot Springs

dining in Harrison Hot Springs

Dining in Harrison Hot Springs is one adventure everyone must take. There are so many amazing restaurants beyond these three. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so what are you waiting for, a delicious culinary adventure awaits you just up the road!

DISCLAIMER: We partnered with Tourism Harrison to feature some of the amazing places to eat when dining in Harrison Hot Springs. All opinions expressed are 100% my own!


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  1. Despite being from Vancouver I’ve never been to Harrison Hot Springs! I definitely want to visit and now know some great spots to check out!

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