Self-Love is an important topic here at Ava To Zoe. I am so guilty even to this day for not taking time for myself. I try really hard but sometimes life takes a course and we just have to go with it! Once a year, I set everything aside and invite along some guests on the annual #AtoZselflove Retreat! The last two years, we’ve gone to Nectar Yoga BnB on Bowen Island. You can read about last years trip HERE and this year trip HERE.

All photos used in this blog post were taken the fabulous Kristy Powers Photography!

Sometimes it’s not possible to take off for a few days, we know this, so here are my top favourite 10 ways to incorporate self-love into your every day!

1. Treat yourself to clothes that actually fit you and will make you feel amazing! My friends over at Lolë make the most amazing Fancy Tank! Honestly, it is the most incredibly soft tank top you will ever wear. I will be hunting down several more in additional colors. This straight-fitting Lolë tank is made of lightweight, 4-way-stretch fabric. It’s a breeze to wear for any sports activity.

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2. Invest in a something that will make you laugh! Every morning for me starts with a cup of coffee! Every time I grab my Cedar & Stain coffee mug out of the cupboard, I’m reminded to get it done! Brittany from Cedar & Stain has the most amazing cheeky coffee mugs and is the perfect way to remember that you are important too. Take a moment, have a cup of coffee, tea or wine cause you know….momlife.

Self-love Yoga Retreat

3. Treat yourself to a sweet treat! If you’ve never tried the amazing delectable Marsh&Mallows then you don’t know the magic that is a gourmet Marshmallow! A little treat for the down times and something to remind you that you can treat yourself every once in a while and it’s totally ok! And hey, if you need to hide in the closet to eat them or lie and tell your kids that every flavour contains alcohol… you are not alone!


4. Write yourself a beautiful message and wear it every day! I worked with Setareh from One Thing earlier in the summer when she gave Ava a bracelet to help ease her anxiety on her first solo flight. I fell in love with the brand, the message and the beauty of these bracelets. In addition to being a beautiful bracelet, the also contain a special message of inspiration to help keep you going and also come with empty papers to leave your own One Thing

5. Wash your face! This is something so simple but yet the one thing I take for granted the most! There is nothing like washing away the dirt of a long day. While the kids are having a bath, it’s the perfect time for a little self-love, do a face masque. Trust me a Haven Living masque will make you’ll feel better!

Haven Living’s organic and natural skin care collections are handmade in small batches, to ensure longevity and freshness. Created by an esthetician using 100% natural and organic ingredients, with an aromatic blend of essential oils. Free from preservatives, chemicals, and toxins and curated using organic, non-gmo, natural and locally sourced ingredients and extracts, Haven Living’s Collections are not only good for your skin but your spirit.


6. For my fellow yogi’s or those inspiring to be, invest in a quality yoga mat that inspires you or makes you feel good. Supported Soul makes the coolest looking All-In-One yoga mats that allow you to get deep into your moving meditation by eliminating towel bunching and increase your grip! Designed right here in Vancouver, Supported Soul has an amazing line up of beautiful limited-edition eco mats that truly reflect your personality!


7. Buy yourself something pretty! White Fox Collective formerly Glass & Brass Vintage makes gorgeous druzy earrings and other gorgeous pieces of jewellery that are perfect for your every day bad ass or dressing up for date night! Buy yourself something nice, you deserve it!

self-love yoga retreat

8. One of my personal favourite ways to give back to myself is by investing in a good wine! My favourite is anything by Evolve Cellars!  I’ve included this wine in many of my projects for a reason! Evolve Cellars is located in Summerland BC and their message is so closely aligned with everything I stand for that naturally we are the perfect fit!

Every choice you make has intention – to accomplish, create, and grow.


9. Light a Candle! Oh goodness, I cannot tell you enough how much lighting a beautifully scented soy candle is enough to turn your day around in a hurry. Canvas Candle Co makes hands down the best candles on the west coast.  Located in Port Moody, these 100% eco-soy candles have  Phthalate-free fragrance oils with cotton wicks. Caylen’s devoted commitment to providing natural candles burns as bright as her candles and I’m honoured to own a good handful of them and not to mention call her a very dear friend!

Self-love Candles

10. One of my all-time favourite products is Invisibobble. I learned of them earlier in the year and my hairdresser actually swears by them as well. I began using them and haven’t gone back! Something there is nothing more frustrating than a bad day hair day or having your hair on your face. These amazing little hair ties hold your hair in place snuggly and make that awful kink in your hair that you usually get with elastics not as noticeable. Trust me once you go Invisibobble, you’ll never go back to a regular hair tie!



Lastly the final piece to my puzzle… acceptance! Invest in yourself, be ok with who you are and acceptable for all will come. Lean on a good core group of girlfriends when the going gets tough, be kind to eachother! We’re all human here! With a little patience, Gratitude and a little light stretching with a side of mediation, your self-love practice will improve!

The hugest thank you to the above sponsors of the #AtoZSelfLove Yoga Retreat! They helped make this retreat absolutely amazing! My guests left with a sense of renewal, a positive outlook on what self-love means, and a deeper connection to building relationships with other women. We all have a story to tell and you don’t always see or know the whole picture. Take time in your day to be grateful and present.

*DISCLAIMER: We received these self-love products for the Yoga Retreat in exchange for being included in this post!  However, as always all opinions expressed are my own and I only share if I truly love it!


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The #AtoZselflove retreat was amazing and we learned so much!

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  1. I totally agree with you. Taking care of yourself has to be a priority, especially when you wear many hats and have lots of responsibilities. Too often I put myself last to make it through the day. Little things can really make all the difference. Love the photos and the pop of colour of that yoga tank.

  2. I’m really bad for caring for everyone else and letting my own well run dry in the process. These are fantastic reminders and something I’m going to try harder to implement. As an aside, where do you get the Insvisibobble? That looks so cool!

  3. So many tips here showing that to take a moment to take care of yourself doesn’t have to be complicated. (Great photos too.)

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