They say two heads are better than one! My blogging bestie Katherine from Our Happy Place and I are actually living proof of that saying! We created Captured In Squares in February of 2017, a photo styling business to provide businesses with eye-catching images for their social media and promotional needs.  We recently launched our website with A Secret Dinner; A Night to Inspire!

If you’ve experienced Kat and I together, it is clear that we are the Thelma to the others, Louise! She zigs when I zag! We both have different strengths and together a simple chat can turn into a giant spider web of inspiration!

I came to Kat with this idea for a styled dinner shoot that came to me in a dream. With styled shoots, the food is most often edible, especially if I’m planning it! It is a shame to waste it so why not have people come over and enjoy the food. As I talked Kat’s ear off explaining my dream, ideas ran ranpid and the shoot became a dinner.  The dinner became the launch of our website and thus The Secret Dinner was conceived.  My simple vision of a wall of dream catchers leading guests into a wooded dinner evolved into the most beautiful evening of laughter, pride and many hearts full of love!

The Secret Dinner

There was a lot of planning and a lot of reigning me back in from going crazy on turning this into a complete circus. Kat is the detail between the two of us. With a natural eye for beauty, she effortlessly can turn a blanket and pillows into a beautifully presented piece of the puzzle. I am more of the techie between the two of us! We naturally fall into our roles and somehow we jive!

The Secret Dinner included appetizers and drinks for guests, followed by a round-table opportunity to chat about goals, challenges, and network. Our hope for the evening is to bring together an amazing group of women in one place to share their goals and ideas, help one another, and offer encouragement/ support. For many of our guests, it was their first time meeting each other in person!

Many of us know of each other or our screen names but have never made that personal connection. We hoped that by bringing together this group in person, some new friendships will be formed, others strengthened, and some amazing things will come out of the discussions we would have.

With a variety of red and white wines from Evolve Cellars, our guests were encouraged to get comfy at our low-laying palette table and enjoy a glass from a local vineyard located just outside of Summerland BC. Time and time again, we continue to work with Evolve Cellars as their mission and values directly align with everything Kat and I embody especially with this event

“Every choice you make has intention – to accomplish, create, and grow. Raise a glass to yourself, today! For each step you take and all you try to achieve, we #raiseaglasstoyou!”

Evolve Cellars

The menu was a huge part of my focus as I’m such a softie for good food and it only takes feeding me one time to leave a lasting impression. Bane and Christine of Fork & Knife Catering provided our guests with the most delicious appetizers, that I personally am still craving. 

Fork & Knife Catering

Furthermore, our dear friends at Rocky Mountain Flatbread provided our guests with a variety of flatbread that we hand selected, as I am a frequent goer of Rocky Mountain Flatbread, and I adore what the company stands for and gives back to the universe!

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

The final piece to my menu was the breathtaking Naked Cake from The Cake Mama, a local baker who is sure to impress every single time. With beautifully decorated cookies, show stopping cakes and one of the most contagious smiles to boot, this lady took my request, filled it with love and captured everything I wanted.

The Cake Mama

While Kat worked to bring my vision to life for The Secret Dinner, I took care of all the tech stuff, choosing the website and theme, learning about live streaming, and running the IG accounts, I myself was completely BLOWN away with how well Kat brought my vision to life, head over to her blog HERE to read all about how she took my vision and make it larger than life with an evening I know was one to inspire!

Shop Ava To Zoe

Fork & Knife Catering

Impressed App

Canvas Candle Co

Essential Packaging

A Little Love Creative

Thank you to these sponsors for helping us bring together The Secret Dinner 2017!


Photos & Styling by Captured In Squares

Invitations by A Little Love Creative| Facebook | Instagram

Food & Refreshments

Appetizers: Caprese Skewers, Lemon & Garlic Chicken Skewers, & Prosciutto and Mint Wrapped Melon Skewers- HERE | Facebook | Instagram

Selection of flatbreads: Fig & Brie, Parma, Classic, & Tomato Basil- Rocky Mountain Flatbread | Facebook | Instagram

Naked Cake- The Cake Mama | Facebook | Instagram

Wine- Evolve Cellars | Facebook | Instagram


Balloon garland, gold striped plates, cake topper + gold words (on cutlery)- Paper + Parties | Facebook | Instagram

Florals & greenery garland (on table)- Budget Blooms | Facebook | Instagram

CIS photo prints (displayed on pallette)- Impressed App | Facebook | Instagram

Swag Bags + Prizes

Bags & tissue- Essential Packaging | Facebook | Instagram

Gift tags- A Paper Life | Facebook | Instagram


$30 Gift card- The Handpicked Home | Facebook | Instagram

$100 e- gift card- Kristina Benson Art | Facebook | Instagram

$50 candle gift pack- Canvas Candle Co | Facebook | Instagram

Floral bouquet- Budget Blooms | Facebook | Instagram

Gourmet marshmallows- Marsh&Mallow | Facebook | Instagram


$10 coupon codes- Kristina Benson Art | Facebook | Instagram

Set of free photo prints- Impressed App | Facebook | Instagram

Mini white dream catchers- Shop Ava to Zoe | Facebook | Instagram

Individual gourmet marshmallows- Marsh&Mallow | Facebook | Instagram

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  1. Congratulations on your new venture!! Everything looks so perfect – I can easily see how you and Kat would be a benefit to a business in need of showcasing their products. It looks like your event was a lot of fun! Wishing you lots of success!

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