Everyone can agree that a nice long bath or hot shower can do the soul wonders! More often than not, mothers are not afforded the luxury of taking our time. Little things like your favourite lotion, or a good scrub can turn your day right around!  Now roll out the red carpet because I need to introduce you to my newest natural obsession, K’Pure Natural!


K’pure Natural hit the market running! Reaching out to many different shops and bloggers to get her products into our hands! She sent our little boxes of love for us to fall in love with her products as she knew we would! Karen girl.. we heard you.. you arrived my friend! She sent me lovely gift filled with the most amazingly fragrant products a girl can find. She must have known I have a pretty big spot in my heart for vanilla.  We instantly fell in love!  I was now armed with great products made with the most love and care!




If you do a bit of digging, you will find a lot of the skin care products available in big box stores contain a lot of bad stuff. I’m not saying they all do, just that there are A LOT of them.  Quite often the big box stores tend to be the first place we look out of sheer convenience. Thanks to moms like Karen of K’pure Natural, she’s bringing natural back to the forefront of our day and allowing me 100% confidence that what I’m putting on myself and my family is all natural.

My hands down favourite for myself is Drenched Body Butter, whipped into a hydrating mousse: organic shea butter, organic coconut oil and almond oil will melt on contact with skin and absorb beautifully, leaving skin silky smooth and never greasy. This is MY product no one puts their hands on my Body Butter! Even if I cannot take that long relaxing bath or shower, I’m taking 5 minutes every day just for me to use K’Pure Natural and my body thanks me for it!

Over the last few months, we’ve been learning about Essential Oils, and their benefit for body, mind and soul. When I first began learning about essential oils, it was intimidating, there are many options and so much to learn. After Karen sent us the Mini Trio Spray. I was hooked 100% on essential oils. Vapo Hug, Keep Going, and the Settle Down Spray are like my new children, I just love them so much! They’ve done wonders for everyone’s overall well-being and that is what #selflove is all about.


Self Love is so important! It’s important to take these moments no matter how small. Head on over to K’Pure Natural and fall in love, it’s one of the easiest things that you will do in your day! K’Pure Natural is the best kind of effortless self-love you can do for yourself.  I already have my next order list put together, check out Sweet Mama Body Oil or the Time Out Uplifting Essential Oil Spray! I want to know, what would be on the top of your list?



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