DISCLAIMER: Before we get started, this post is not intended to make anyone feel bad about themselves but to realize that sometimes it is actually the clothes doing more harm than good or in my case… the pants! Selecting the correct pair of pants for your body is going to help not only you look better but FEEL better too!

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve questioned, “Do these pants make me look fat?” Maybe it’s not pants, maybe it’s a dress or a bathing suit or a certain pair of shorts! We’ve been told as women to never ask that question for fear of what the answer could be.  Do you actually want to know if the answer is Yes?


I had a big moment a few weeks ago. As I walked by the window of a store and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  My hips looked wider, my thighs thicker, with a little “tube” just above my hips. Is it me or do these pants make me look mid section look fat?

I was wearing a very specific pair of workout pants by a well-known work out retailer, I won’t name any names. I purchased them before Zoe was born. Three years later, I have blown a hole in a seam in the inner thigh.  I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.  They’re my comfy summer pants! However, seeing that reflection in the mirror motivated me to say my final goodbyes.

I showed my husband the pants.  In a very assuring tone, I said, “answering this honestly will not get you in trouble. I want your opinion, do these pants make me look fat?”  He gently explained where the waist lies on my body and the hip lines of these athletic pants do cut my body off in places that do more harm than good.  They seemed to highlight an area requiring assistance which also is one of the hardest parts of your body to work afterkids, your lower abdominal.

With a long torso and short limbs, pants can be a bit of a challenge for me.  I never really thought before about choosing pants to fit my body shape prior to children. I always had the same body shape but now after two kids the playing field has changed and the low-rise pants don’t do anything for me. It’s time to accept that I’m growing up a bit and choosing pants that work for me is going to help me feel better about myself.

I’ve asked my lovely friend Dee of The Joy of Style to give us a few tips on how to choose pants that suit our body shape so when we see that reflection in the mirror, we can be happy with because we feel and look like the best version of us as diet, exercise and coolsculpting will only get you so far! Ultimately, wearing the wrong pair of pants can look and add lbs to your appearance that you don’t want!

1. Style is for Every BODY. It’s important not to get hung up on the size written on clothing tags. (It’s just a number…like your age.) Focus on what fits, not what you “fit into”. Sizing up can make things drape better than trying to squeeze into an item that creates unwanted bulging and pulling. On the other hand, sometimes sizing down is the way to go. If you’re wearing too-loose and shapeless clothing, you tend to look bigger than you are and appear as if you are trying to hide in your clothes. Wearing clothing that fits your body and shows your shape will elevate your entire look.

2. Rise to the Occasion. Pant rise refers to the distance from the crotch point to the top of the waistband. It’s important because it determines where the waistband sits on your hips and where your perceived waistline is. A low rise sits below your natural waist and will visually lower your waist. This can have a stumpifying effect, making your legs appear shorter. A higher rise will visually lift your waist making your legs look longer and making you look taller. A higher rise is also less likely to dig in and create the dreaded “muffin-top” effect.

3. A Bum Deal. The pocket size and placement on your backside can make a huge difference when showing off your derriere. Small pockets will make your butt look bigger in proportion. High pocket placement can make your booty look stretched out (I’m talking to you, mom jeans) while low pockets can make it seem squished. Use pockets with flaps and embellishments to call attention to your behind or choose a plain, dark wash if you’d rather not.

I learned so much in those 3 short tips from Dee and while I exercise and eat somewhat healthy, my body is still a work in progress. Weight is just a number, there are many contributing factors to how we look and feel in our clothing. While you cannot completely blame your clothes, how you dress will ultimately play a major role in how you and others perceive you. A good pair of pants can catapult your self-confidence to achieve goals you only contemplated before. Excuse me while I go shopping for some high waisted pants, these short legs need some elevating!

Make sure to follow The Joy of Style on IG, Twitter, and Pinterest for more fashion tips! I keep her pages bookmarked to stay up to date, turns out this mama needs more help than I thought!

Comment below and let me know, where are you go-to shopping destinations to find decent-quality, affordable pants in several styles?  I’ve got some shopping for some high waisted pants to do, these short legs of mine need some un-stumpifying!

Choosing Pants that Fit





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  1. I love this! I just wrote and shared a blog post called “I Heart Jeggings” because I cannot for the life of me find the perfect pair of jeans so I’m just going to wear jeggings for the rest of my life!

  2. To be honest I actually found my favourite pair of jeans from The Gap. They are midrise and not super tight. I liked them so much that I bought 3 pairs in different washes. Bodies definitely change after having babies and it is more of a challenge to find a flattering fit for sure. Always great to try on a ton of different ones to find the right ones.

    1. I love Gap Jeans! As a 40 yr old Mom of two, I find their cuts really flattering and the denim is thick and holds everything in, lol. I’m tall, so I get the high-waisted ones. My fave style is the barrel jean.

  3. girllll, you are beautiful inside and out. but I agree, the size people see inside their pair of pants is just a number! we have to dress based on our body type <3

  4. Yes! I love this! I am fully aware that there are certain styles that look better on me than others. And sometimes I fit well in a size 6… and sometimes I need a size 10! It can be hard to find a great pair of jeans for your body, but it’s not impossible and I loved these tips!

  5. This post made me smile. I have a pair of red jeans from bluenotes that I love wearing, but I noticed my reflection in the Shoppers Drug Mart Window last week and they are not flattering at all. They do sit too low on my waist, but I like the colour so I wear them.

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