Living in a rental home definitely has its pros and cons, one being landlords really don’t want you putting too many holes in the walls. Bedroom transformations can be hard when you don’t own the space to begin with. When I began redecorating our room, my goal was to create a quiet tranquil safe place; everyone had a safe place in the house except me, so the bedroom was my newest project.

I imagined shelves and pictures and as my ideas piled up, my husband brought me back to earth with realistic expectations… *Buzzkill* I’ve managed to complete the final piece of the bedroom transformations with minimal holes. It started innocently enough with a new headboard, which turned into a new duvet cover which then turned into an entirely new bed frame with a new Endy mattress. Next thing you know I’m buying matching bedside tables and giving the mirror a makeover, painting walls, and rearranging furniture; like I said innocent enough.

Bedroom Transformations

Our bedroom was this awful yellow color, we’ve been here for almost 8 years and I don’t believe it was painted before we moved in, so it was time for a fresh coat of paint. Most landlords won’t be mad about white paint so I taped the room off and began painting. Our room is long with a walk-in closet at the end.  In the shuffle of the furniture, I moved the dresser into the walk-in. Suddenly there was this cute little space and my brain went crazy with ideas.

My husband wanted a TV as part of the bedroom transformations… I wanted to create a comfortable place to sit down, collect your thoughts, and maybe enjoy a book. I pictured shelves and photos; lots and lots of photos. However as I found the pieces I wanted for the reading nook, it became harder and harder to envision the frames and the photos. This was a space for us, just me and the hubs so I wanted it to be photos of us, a place to truly remember all the amazing times we’ve had together. “How many holes are you putting in the wall now and how much will the frames cost?” …. *buzzkill*

Bedroom Transformations

But the final piece to the puzzle, was a little tribute to the best parts of us, our girls. As I mentioned, part of the reading nook was shelves. Even though this little corner was supposed to be all about us, my two girls are probably one of the most beautiful parts of us so naturally, they’d find a place in the nook.

Bedroom Transformations

So I had this cute space and it was exactly what I had envisioned and the best part, it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Maybe $200 at most?! The chair was the most expensive part and even that was on sale, the little table is an Ikea hack featuring the Nesna Table, the shelves are also from Ikea; I just turned them upside down. The little pink pillow was from Jysk and the faux fur round rug was a Winners find.

But our bedroom transformations weren’t done just yet…

A chair in your room in theory is a great idea but if we’re being honest here, it just becomes a place where laundry goes to patiently wait to be folded.  I got so tired of looking at the mountain of laundry that piled up each week that I knew something needed to be changed so back to the drawing board I went to finally complete our bedroom transformations.

It’s not the biggest house but it’s definitely lacking in storage options so after staring at our Kallax in the living room, I thought, this is the perfect solution for the bedroom. A cute white Kallax with two cupboard doors and some drawers would allow us extra places to hide away the not so pretty while creating this perfect little opportunity to get a little more organized and transform this cute little space into something a bit more functional for us.

Hubby thinks we our bedroom transformations are just one step closer to him getting a TV in the room and my inner teenager is kind of dying to make this dream come true. Growing up I always wanted a TV in my room but that was a hard NO from my mom and I’ve heard that a TV in the bedroom is a real marriage killer. I’ll admit I’m not 100% convinced it is, I picture late-night and early-weekend movie snuggles in a quiet and comfortable space.

What do you think? Is a TV in the bedroom a marriage killer? Should I move the photos and make the TV the final piece to our bedroom transformations?

bedroom transformations
small rental spaces
small rental spaces

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