5 Year Update: From Slow Runner to Marathoner, My Triumph

slow runner to marathoner

From being a slow runner to marathoner; five years ago, my life changed forever when I was kicked out of your running group by some local postpartum moms for running too slow. I had a burning desire to reclaim my life and was ready to work hard for it, but you wrote me off far […]

Supporo Compression Socks: My New Top Secret Running Gear

Supporo Compression Socks

This post is shared with you in partnership with Supporo Compression Socks, all opinions expressed are 100% my own! What’s the first thing that you think of when you hear compression socks? For me, it’s Grandma’s socks, but my friends at Supporo Compression Socks are leading the game in changing that perception with the cold […]

Lebert Equalizer Bars: Best Full Body Work Out At Home

There are a few shares that I’ve been working on that have recently taken a new direction given the self isolation. These amazing Lebert Equalizer bars are definitely one of those items. The Equalizer Bars were my most trusted items at home when I couldn’t get to the gym and now with gyms being closed, […]

The Best BC Yoga for Self Love #Atozselflove

One year ago 4 acquaintances went to Bowen Island for the very first #AtoZSelflove Yoga retreat and in simple words, it was magical. Arrived as acquaintances and left as amazing friends. All in need of a little self-love for whatever reason and left rested and educated on how important yoga & meditation is for your […]

A Nutritional Struggle: Fueling Your Body To Go The Distance

Though it feels like eons ago, completing my first 10KM run was just mere weeks ago. I’ve had several people reach out to see what the hardest part about running a 10km was and for me, that answer was easy, it was nutrition! I had written earlier that I was one of those people who thought you […]

My Deepest, Darkest, Dirtiest Secret And How It Changed My Life!

You read the right. I have a secret! It’s gross and I’m not proud of it! Some people know this about me, some don’t! I’m always honest about it but you’d never believe it until I said it! I cannot hold it in anymore and now I’m ready to share my deepest, darkest, dirtiest secret […]

The Five things I Learned About Running and My Favourite Essentials!

August 31st, I set out on a journey to reclaim my life. I learned much about myself but also about a whole new side army of products that made running ultimately my favourite and healthiest addiction! Ultimately, I wanted to stop making excuses. The goal was to be able to play outside without being out […]

You Can’t Run With Us + Free Download

To the Mom who decided that I wasn’t fast enough to run with her, that I couldn’t keep up.  Who decided that she didn’t want to run with me anymore after my first time.. shame on you!  Thankfully, I am the most stubborn person I know besides my oldest daughter. You could have really done […]