August 31st, I set out on a journey to reclaim my life. I learned much about myself but also about a whole new side army of products that made running ultimately my favourite and healthiest addiction! Ultimately, I wanted to stop making excuses. The goal was to be able to play outside without being out of breath. I needed to know that I could still do it, that I was still in there! I’m not just a mom who let go and gave up.

The journey began with me going out on a limb to join some local moms in a little running posse and after my first run they kicked me out. You can read more HERE. It stung but I let my stubbornness take over and just kept running! I ran every moment I could and pushed myself beyond any pointI ever imaged I would! I loved it! It rained and I ran, the sun blistered and I ran and even when I probably shouldn’t have.. any moment I had, I RAN!

Running essentials!

The things I learned while I was running was incredible! I figured things out, I inspired myself. I talked with myself and I said some of the cheesiest things to myself to keep doing! Running taught me things  about myself as a runner! The top 5 things I learned while on this journey!

1. Stretching is like a good pair of running shoes! They are both so incredibly important. I almost would have started this journey by taking a good week or so just stretching out my muscles, getting them ready for the journey I was about it begin! Probably should have started with yoga!

2. You will sweat in places you didn’t know you could sweat in! I finish a run and I’m soaked, my hairline, my upper lip, between my fingers, my ears. I sweat everywhere. It’s gross!

3. Did you know there is work out gear dedicated to said bits and pieces that can suffer from the worst sweat? Like the pants shown here from RYU Apparel. I took them on our Yoga Retreat to Nectar Yoga BNB and they were life changing! The Bacteriostatic carbon mesh lined diamond gusset made sure the air kept moving, I could have even gone commando if I wanted!

sudio44. Music and running go together like peanut butter and jelly, having a good pair of headphones like the ones I have from Sudio Sweden is key! Not having to worry about catching your arms in cords or having the earbuds falling out while running was a real treat! These headphones are Bluetooth which means that they synced with the playlists on my phone and boasted 8 hours of unlimited play-time with unique standby for up to 10 days giving me ultimate wireless freedom!

5. Healthy eating, exercise, and fun music, when done together for me, made running much more enjoyable. It became something that I actually craved, looked forward to and dreamt about. I began to see results, not necessarily in weight but in inches. Unfortunately now at this point I’ve began to hit a plateau. I have been in talks with my friends at Physicians Skincare Centre in North Vancouver to do some Cool Sculpting to further achieve my goals.

Running to greatness

Running has become such a passion of mine and what is passion without a few good staple pieces to help the journey along! A good pair of runners, some workout gear, quality headphones and a love for good music is all you need to get going. It’s not always easy to get motivated so I highly suggest downloading Push It by Salt N Peppa to your cell phone to listen while you run with your Sudio Headphones, or even for impromptu kitchen dance parties while cooking! My friends at Sudio Sweden know how much I love my new Bluetooth headphones, as the built-in microphone and studio quality sound has forever changed my running game.

They want to give you the chance to try them to. They are offering my readers this exclusive discount of 15% off using the code: avatozoe15.  Just head over to the Sudio Sweden website to grab a pair! Pssst… Sudio Sweden always offers tax-free purchases and fast and free worldwide delivery

Huge Thank you to Katherine from The Pampered Baby for helping me with the photos of me with the headphones. Connect with these brands on Social Media:


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  **We received the Sudio Headphones as compensation for including them in this post! All Opinions expressed therein are 100% my own! All other items included were from personal items that we genuinely love and adore!**

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