New Years comes and people get up in arms about resolutions. Not this girl.. I’m choosing to be kind to others, therefore there are 3 resolutions I will not be keeping!

“I’m going to kick this coffee addiction!

I’m going to drink less!

I’m going to exercise more!”

Well you can thank me later because I love you all too much to do that to you!  Without coffee there would be no Janette the sound board cause I’m really not that patient of a person, Ava wouldn’t get to school on time and my floor would be sticky with matted puffed wheat from Zoe being such a bull in a china shop and knocking it over 800 times a day!  Without coffee my children would starve and my husband would be dragging my grumpy ass out of bed by my ankles every morning!


Without a drink, there would be no Janette at 12 o clock… ok I’m kidding! Well wait, it depends on what day it is. Over the Christmas Holidays, I feel like I should have begun drinking at noon more often to have had better holidays. Ava is almost 7 but she is beyond her years in attitude and man oh man there was not enough chocolate in my house to have gotten me through her ferocious need to argue and always be correct! There were far too many moments in those two weeks where I was hiding in my closet with a rum and eggnog locked in my grasp well before noon, because as much of a little shit as she can be, I love her endlessly and I’ve been told she needs to make it to 7. I should mention, jury is still out on whether that will be happening!

Now exercise… the thorn in my side! I just don’t want to!  I’m really tired of feeling bad because I don’t want to! Weight is something that I’ve never ever liked to discuss. I was petite as a child and was told I would never achieve the greatness I desired throughout many tasks in my childhood because I was “too small!”  Then in high school, I was that girl that was teased and mocked because I was anorexic looking and I’d get those “Must be nice to be so small” comments behind my back, or “You should try eating sometime!” I ate like 7 times a day, but I had a very high metabolism! I was made fun of because of my size until I was about 21 years old when I finally began putting on weight! I will say this.. making fun of someone for being skinny is just as bad as making fun of someone for being overweight. It’s none of your business!

Now two babies later, things just ain’t what they used to be! My belly is a bowl of jelly, my breasts definitely feel much more bonded to my belly button than to my collar bone, my thighs give each other hugs daily and when sitting on a cold bench my butt doesn’t get as cold as quickly! I am not the same person I once was therefor, I think it’s fair that my body is not the same as it used to be.

I could go for a run, but I’m going to write a blog post! I could do sit ups but I do them all day, I play on the floor with Zoe and I sit up frequently. I also carry 20+ pounds in my arms all day everyday and while she is one of the two cutest 20 lbs babies I’ve carried, I think I’m going to have a nap and work on making sure mommy can cook your freaking dinner at 5pm! Yes I know that my health is important for my babies and what not and blah blah but really, don’t pressure me! I’ll get off the floor with the baby when I’m confident she is bored of my crazy ass! I’m living in this moment and enjoying every single moment of my kids in this age.  This is my last baby and I want to see all those milestones that I missed with Ava. So yes, I will exercise…someday but just not today and probably not tomorrow but when I’m ready.

This year I challenge you to set resolutions for yourself that are achievable won’t make others hate you.. I’m kidding! But honestly.. be kind to yourself this year and let’s set resolutions that will life us up higher than the year before!  You deserve it!

Borrowed from Pretty52
Borrowed from Pretty52

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