Disclosure: I received an Endy Mattress in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

You might recall that last year we switched from the Endy mattress to a Douglas. Surprise! As some may have seen we switched back to the Endy. You might be wondering who provides a better night’s sleep, Endy or Douglas? I decided to put both mattresses to the ultimate test and… secret’s out – Endy won! Now let’s talk about why. 

When we switched to Douglas, we moved our Endy to our oldest daughter’s room, as it was only a few years old and still has tons of life left in it. She ended up loving it so much, there was no way she was giving it back. Now both my kids are having an amazing night’s sleep every night on their Endy mattresses but I was left with one unhappy husband, AND I still couldn’t get a good night’s sleep…

Endy Or Douglas

If we’re being honest here, the Douglas mattress was a bit too firm for our liking. We needed something that accommodated a back sleeper and a combo sleeper and gave our bodies more of a “gentle hug” than the Douglas was offering. My sleep wasn’t horrible, however, I was still having problems and my husband was miserable.

We were left with the choice… For the best night’s sleep … Endy or Douglas?

My husband was not sleeping well, and since I was not getting my best night’s sleep, there was no way I was achieving my running goals. Post-run recovery is extremely important when training for a marathon, and I was suffering by not giving my body the chance to fully recover. We had a big decision to make… Endy or Douglas?

We’ve talked about it before, but Endy’s Comfort Foam has a unique, breathable open-cell foam layer that is highly responsive. This means it delivers cool and amazingly comfortable support and eliminates motion transfer in real time. I’m a fairly active sleeper, so on the nights when I’m tossing and turning, my husband sleeps completely undisturbed.

We found the Douglas Mattress too firm; there was no give or softness to cushion the movement at all. My husband sleeps on his back for the most part, so for him, sleeping on the Douglas Mattress felt like sleeping on a piece of plywood. On a cellular level, Endy’s open-air cell foam provides optimal comfort, firmness, and support, without pressure points, making it the perfect solution for back sleepers and even combo side/back sleepers like me.

amazing nights' sleep

As I mentioned, I sleep quite hot. While the Douglas mattress uses cooling gel foam, I found I still wasn’t cool enough to sleep comfortably. I’ve implemented a few lifestyle changes in the hopes of having a cooler sleep. I’ve started running earlier in the day, drinking more water and using Endy’s Organic Cotton Duvet and Sheets.

Making the change to Endy’s 100% organic cotton sheets alongside their 100% Vegan Alternative duvet, which is both breathable and hypoallergenic, has granted me my greatest sleep wish: a cooler body temperature. This means I’m moving less and sleeping more soundly than ever before, which makes me a better wife and mom.

So who provides a Better Night’s Sleep? Endy or Douglas?

Both brands have similar features, such as a zip-off machine washable cover, and pillows you’re able to customize for your sleep preference. However, when you boil it down, the biggest selling feature is, of course, comfort. Our Endy Mattress is so comfortable, and it seems like we sleep better on it every single night! I wake up feeling supported and my hubby wakes up happy and ready to seize the opportunity to drop the Dad jokes!

Endy Or Douglas

So the final thoughts on Endy or Douglas? It’s truly a no-brainer. We made the switch back to Endy because we found the Douglas mattress was not providing us with the support, temperature control, and zero motion transfer that we both needed to get the rest we deserved. The Endy mattress and pillows perfectly accommodate both of our individual sleep styles. We are both very physically active people and having the proper support from our Endy mattress allows us to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, so we can wake up well-rested and ready to play harder.

Every morning we wake up feeling well-rested and like a better version of the person we were yesterday. Trust me when I say switching back to the Endy mattress has been the greatest gift in our marriage. The positives for Endy in our opinion far outweighs the positives for Douglas, better sleeps = happier people, which makes for a happier marriage, and thus a happier family! Head over to Endy.com to learn more, and become one step closer to an amazing nights’ sleep in your very own Canadian-made Endy mattress!

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  1. Ok, zero motion transfer AND cooling? I need Endy. I find that I’m constantly sweating these days and I wake the hubs all the time with my movement 😅

  2. This is why I appreciate reviews like this. Honest ones where you learn why someone truly liked a mattress. For me, I’d want a more firm one so I may go with the other one. But we’re totally on the hunt for our kids, Endy may be the way to go.

  3. MMmmmmmmm you got me at cooling cause that sounds INCREDIBLE I can’t deny that at all!!

    I love that you shared why you switched back, love to hear that Endy is consistently good all round.

    1. Douglas is the one with the cooling gel mattress. It has better motion transfer & side edge support reviews. It was rated best overall mattress in 2021. I’ve been reading reviews & researching both for six months now. Lots say Douglas is soft & Edney is med firm. I’m still undecided. Leaning towards the Douglas I think.

      1. Thanks for the comment! Endy’s proprietary Comfort Foam uses open air cell technology to keep it breathable and cool all night, and it eliminates motion transfer as well. It was awarded the Most Trusted Mattress-in-a-Box brand in 2022 by BrandSpark. Personally, I’ve been loving my Endy – you can always test it out for yourself with their 100-night risk-free trial! Let me know which one you end up going with.

      2. Why did you switch from Eddy to Douglas to begin with? It seems kind of odd that you would post you switched back (because they gave you a free mattress in exchange for a review). I would recommend people look at Silk and Snow or Emma mattresses if you want a softer mattress.

        1. Hello Kim,

          I cover why we switched from Endy to Douglas in that blog post. I personally at the time wasn’t in my best health which was causing me to sleep quite hot and wasn’t getting the best sleep especially for the run training I was doing. I found even with the Douglas I was still too hot and the Douglas was too firm long term for my husband. I made some lifestyle changes and was sleeping better but my husband wasn’t, so we went back! Happy we did! We’re both having great sleep now!

  4. Do you HAVE to use their sheets? Do you find difference material sheets prove different results? We definitely need a new mattress – Never really loved foam toppers so have always been hesitant for one of these mattresses.

      1. There was a deal u get free sheets mattress protector and pillows and pillow protectors hence the switch back I’m sure

    1. I do have their sheets and I love them. Yes different materials make a huge difference. I sleep quite warm so I need to make sure that the sheets are breathable and light! Endy’s only get softer as you wash them. They’re soo good!

  5. Unfortunately if you’re a larger person, I’m 6’4” and 290 pounds, Endy themselves do not recommend their mattress o spoke with customer service and was advised their mattresses where only good to 250 pounds.
    So the search continues. Excellent article, however.
    They did however, suggest a hybrid mattress option. For a companies customer service rep to give a recommendation for a product that they don’t produce, went above and beyond in my opinion.

    1. Hi Kevin, For best Hybrid , Logan and Cove, luxury Firm. I am 6.1 and 252 lbs, it is the best Hybrid out there, I have had mine for 2 years and love it. It is more pricy, but worth it. I research for more than 3 months before buying.
      Tony from Montreal.

  6. If I prefer a firmer mattress I should then choose Douglas? I tend to sleep close to the edge of the bed when on my stomach so I need the edges of the mattress to be firm, Knowing that, what do oyu advise. Also my sheets are deep and I want a mattress where they will pull smoothely (i.e. tight)

  7. when buying a endy can we keep the same box spring from our old mattress or do we need a new box this is the only thing that is stopping me from purchasing the mattress

    1. Box spring is fine, make sure it’s not really old and saggy. Run your fingers across the top,you should feel a metal grid.

  8. I will was going to order a Douglas but they will not ship to Happy Valley Goose bay NL for free but Endy will and Emma will we are not remotely

  9. Were you able to return your Douglas mattress? I’ve purchased the Douglas and am regretting it. My daughter has the Endy and I should have went with the Endy in the first place!

  10. We also went with the Douglas and I am regretting it.
    My neck, shoulders and hips are killing me. My husband and I are used to amore plush mattress.
    I am considering to return it.

  11. We also went with the Douglas and I am regretting it.
    My neck, shoulders and hips are killing me. My husband and I are used to a bit more of a plush mattress. I am considering to return it.
    Has anyone returned their Douglas mattress successfully?

  12. My daughter has an endy & swears by it. We are in the market of buying 2 mattresses & are considering going with this mattress. I have never owned one, but going on strictly the high recommendation of my daughter’s opinion, I think I may go with this.

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